Quality policy

    Customer’s contentment and full satisfaction achieved by manufacturing and selling the highest quality products from sintered carbides is the basic condition of effective functioning and further development of Company Węgliki Spiekane BAILDONIT. Planning the realization of our activities, we take into account resources (human, financial, material, informational, intelectual and other), external and internal factors important for goals and strategic directions of our Company and needs and expectations of all the interested parties, considering certain risks and chances.

    The overarching goal, with respect to applicable laws, is manufacturing and selling high and repeatable quality products at the agreed time and at the accepted prices, which are satisfying customers and at the same time allowing to achieve profitability for owners and employees.

    We wish to achieve this goal by maintaining and developing the quality management sistem and continuously improving its effectiveness, by:

Katowice, april 2019


 Henryk Kobyszewski


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