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What is sintered carbide

What is sintered carbide (hardmetal)?

    Tungsten carbide (AKA sintered, cemented carbide) is one of the most important modern tooling material manufac­tured by a process of powder metallurgy. Substantial progress in the development of the cemented carbide is due to Karl Schröter, who has discovered that the tungsten carbide powder mixed with metals such as iron, nickel and cobalt and compacted can be sintered with liquid phase, to give a product with a low porosity, very high hardness and considerable strength.Basing on the results of his work cemented carbides consisting mainly of tungsten carbide, were patented in 1923.Currently, it is a composite of tungsten carbide combined with cobalt or nickel matrix, and sometimes other additives such as tantalum , niobium, titanium.Its development is still characterized by high dynamics. It helps to increase the efficiency of many processes , the durability of abrasion-resistant parts and tools made ​​from them , thereby their use allows for a significant economic effects.

    Nowadays sintered carbides have special , often diverse properties , specifically adjusted to the needs of different users. They are used in many industries ( utility , mining , automotive , chemical, defense , forestry), as well as in medicine.Combination of high wear resistance, hardness, flexural strength, fracture toughness and corrosion resistance makes sintered carbide used widely.

Basic sintered carbide grades , properties , applications.

    The properties of sintered carbides depend on their chemical composition , content of tungsten, titanium, tantalum , niobium and binding material - cobalt or nickel , as well as the grain size of the powders used in the production and manufacturing methods .

In practice, option to change carbide characteristic is widely used in developed and standardized grades with different properties .

Application of cemented carbide grades:

S - for machining steel, cast steel and malleable cast iron

H - for machining cast iron and other short-chipping materials

HF - submicron grades with increased resistance to abrasion

U – Universal

G - for metal forming

B - mining tools , masonry and recycling

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